Throwback Thursday: Sketching in classrooms

Sometimes I just sketch and then all of a sudden I have something on paper.
It used to happen to me back in the classroom at highschool. You’re paying attention to your teacher, you can’t look out of the window and for some reason the content of what your teacher is saying just doesn’t reach your ears.
Yes, it’s called daydreaming. I had those moments a lot. This sketch just reminds me of these days although it was not made in the classroom but in 2012.


Folklore: A Bright Life

I have always been inspired by Folklore design all over the world. It has such bright colors, such vibrant life and I really love the patterns. This watercolor collection is based on the color red and Scandinavian Folklore with in the top left a Dutch Zealandish Girl in Costume. All watercolors where made by me back in 2012. I hope to make more in this theme in the future!

Baking Too Sweet Cupcakes

My kids are very fond of making super sweet cupcakes and then eating them right away, actually. Me, I am more of a savory person. But let’s face it, it sure is super fun to make them and I am not making them daily so we won’t be looking like a stuffed Turkey.  And their faces are priceless  when they are ready. So here they are, the look like “a bit to early Valentine’s Cupcakes” but that’s what she ordered…..