Throwback Thursday: Sketching in classrooms

Sometimes I just sketch and then all of a sudden I have something on paper.
It used to happen to me back in the classroom at highschool. You’re paying attention to your teacher, you can’t look out of the window and for some reason the content of what your teacher is saying just doesn’t reach your ears.
Yes, it’s called daydreaming. I had those moments a lot. This sketch just reminds me of these days although it was not made in the classroom but in 2012.

Scrapbooking: The Indigo Mini Kit

At Pixel Scrapper whe have a lot of designer challenges and this month whe have the monochrome color challenge. I had a bit of a blue monday when I picked out the color Indigo, which is one of my favorite colors. It’s a color that is never boring, it can be bright but it can also be very dark en mysterious. Anyway hope you like it!

*update* this kit with be in my available in my shop.


Folklore: A Bright Life

I have always been inspired by Folklore design all over the world. It has such bright colors, such vibrant life and I really love the patterns. This watercolor collection is based on the color red and Scandinavian Folklore with in the top left a Dutch Zealandish Girl in Costume. All watercolors where made by me back in 2012. I hope to make more in this theme in the future!

Baking Too Sweet Cupcakes

My kids are very fond of making super sweet cupcakes and then eating them right away, actually. Me, I am more of a savory person. But let’s face it, it sure is super fun to make them and I am not making them daily so we won’t be looking like a stuffed Turkey.  And their faces are priceless  when they are ready. So here they are, the look like “a bit to early Valentine’s Cupcakes” but that’s what she ordered…..

Scrapbook: February Blog Train at Pixel Scrapper

The past year I have joined Pixel Scrapper and I have been participating in many designer challenges. Especially the monthly blog train is really great because so many people join this train and it gets bigger every month! So here is my preview for the February Blog Train. The theme is Be Mine. It will go live on February the 1th and by that time I will put a download link in this post.

Update: For the whole train please visit Pixel Scrapper!

Women’s Circle Traveling Art Journal

Pictures I

New Year, fresh start, new blog, new projects! The past year ended not very well with a lot of errors on my other blog. So I decided to make a new one. Hopefully this is one to keep! So is it to late to wish you a good 2014?
I hope that this year brings a lot of joy, happiness and ofcourse, good health.

So now the exiting news!! I am participating in a new project set up by Ana from Introvert Art.
It will start this Wednesday and I can’t waith to see what everyone has made. If you are interested in the project please visit Ana’s blog.

And you can get a 50% discount at my Etsy shop with couponcode: HAPPYNEWYEAR. This discount will expire at Sunday the 26th of January 2014. And free shipping until next Sunday at my Societ6 shop.