Scrapbooking: Getaway

So at Pixel Scrapper every month we have a poll to choose a palette of colors and a theme for the next blog train. This time the poll is still running and I choose Garden Party but for some reason the other palette (Island Getaway) was so strange to me that I had to try and make a mini kit out of it. At this point the poll is closed: the new theme is Garden Party!

*update* this kit with be in my available in my shop.



Scrapbooking: Garden Time Mini Kit

Time to be in the garden, plant things, enjoy the sun, the weather, be with friends and loved ones, whatever! This kit is for personal use only and the reason behind it is because of my artwork that’s in it. So please don’t sell it. You can download it here for free! Hope you like it.

*update* this kit with be in my available in my shop.


Throwback Thursday: Black& White

Finally I have more time for my art. Yesterday I earned my degree in the second year of fashion design. I am so happy!  So maybe I am cheating because it’s not Thursday anymore but I had to share this “old” artwork of mine, this is one of 12 which I made in 2011 in the same theme. This is actually my mother.
And I also have a new subject for a portret or something: Simone Simons of the band Epica. I can’t help it, I am a heavy methal/rock/gothic chick when it comes to music although I love many different things even classic and opera. And I also have a new male muse at the moment: Kit Harington.

Do you have a famous muse?