Portret: Man of the Nightwatch



2 thoughts on “Portret: Man of the Nightwatch

  1. Art like you have drawn here is why people still look at art in awe. The women in my family each have a niche in the artsy/craftsy world. I have not entered those hallowed walls as I what I create would never come close to artsy. I think that you draw beautifully and I gaze in awe at your remarkable abilities and wonder if I will ever come close to that stick figure I try so hard at. Beautiful!

    • Thank you Kelli for your comments, I am drawing since I was a little girl, it’s in my family,it’s something that is a part of me. I always had something with drawing people, don’t know why. But if you want to be creative, just start, you will get better in time, just enjoy the moment in the process, and look at what others do who you admire, try to copy, it will improve your skills.

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