More creativity……but change….

For some time now I have had thoughts about my blog and what’s on it. And I was not happy with it.
I thought about it (and life) for more than 9 months and have been absent on my blog…sorry for that…but sometimes life controls you and now the time is just right for change! So I am not going to make it deep, dark and black…but happy and cheerfull! There are going to be some changes overhere! More crafting by hand…more (free) patterns… sewing… sketching….and sharing…and also text in Dutch! So my fellow countrymen and women can follow!

This bag (above) is one of the first things I am sharing. I made it for my daughter and the pattern was from one of my books so I can’t share the pattern because of copyright, sorry! But it’s in Frozen style with the colours of the theme, so let’s hope she likes it and I got you inspired!

And we have added this little rascal to the family! Meet Mr. Lightning!

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